dragon.config Loading various resources and applications specified by a XML-based configuration file. A Package for Text Classification; Feature Selection Methods and Evaluation Program are also included. Feature Selectors for Text Classification or Other Related Applications. Reducing multi-class classification to binary classifiers. A package for document clustering and its evaluation Various cluster models for paritional clustering approach Various similarity metrics for pair-wised documents. Feature Selectors for Text Clustering. A package for doucument indexing and indexing result read. A package for sentence-level indexing and indexing result read A package for sequence-senstive indexing and indexing result read A package for knowledge base creation, storage and read. A package for structured query as well as the conversion from the natural language to the structured query. A package for text retrieval and its evaluation Java implementation of TREC evaluation program. Various query expansion approaches are included. Various pseudo-relevance feedback models. Various term importance scoring algorithms including language models,traditional probabilistic and vector space models. A package for generic multi-document summarization and its evaluation Various topic models such as LDA, Apsect Model and Simple Mixture Model
dragon.matrix A package for matrix (both dense matrix and sparse matrix) storage, read, write and operations.
dragon.matrix.factorize Functions related to matrix factorization such as SVD and NMF
dragon.matrix.vector Define the structure of vectors and implment some algorithms related to vectors such as HITS and Power Method. A package for CRF-based training and labeling algorithms The prepration for sequencial data. The evaluation program for sequence labeling tasks. Various feature types for conditional random field applications. Define frequently used graphical sequential models
dragon.nlp Define data structures used for natural language processing Various comparators such as sorting according to index, weight, frequency and name.
dragon.nlp.extract Various concept extractors and relationship extractors.
dragon.nlp.ontology A framework for ontology data structures as well as the implementation of UMLS and MeSH ontologies.
dragon.nlp.ontology.mesh An implementaiton of MeSH ontology.
dragon.nlp.ontology.umls The implementation of UMLS ontologies.
dragon.nlp.tool Integration of external NLP tools such as taggers and stemmers.
dragon.nlp.tool.lemmatiser A high precise english lemmatiser adapted from WordNet.
dragon.nlp.tool.xtract An implementation of Xtract which is for collocation extraction.
dragon.onlinedb A collection of java files for textual corpus preparation. Functions related to the download of customer reivews from
dragon.onlinedb.bibtex Package for BibTeX format
dragon.onlinedb.citeulike CiteULike Website Tag Query and Article Parser Article parsers for frequently used data mining collections such as 20-Newsgroup and Reuters collection.
dragon.onlinedb.isi Article parsers for ISI-formatted Bibliometric data.
dragon.onlinedb.pubmed Functions related to download abstracts from PubMed
dragon.onlinedb.searchengine Programming Interfaces for Search Engines such as Google
dragon.onlinedb.trec Functions related to read articles from TREC-styled collections.
dragon.util Frequtently used miscellaneous functions for math, database, format, http, file reading and writing.