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Main Features
  1. Implemented by Java
  2. Sparse matrix represenation and computationally efficient
  3. Highly scalable to large data set
  4. Well designed Programming API and XML-based Interface
  5. Various document representations including words, multiword phrases, ontology-based concepts, and concept pairs
  6. Various text retrieval models
  7. Text classification, clustering, summarization and topic modeling
Detailed Feature List:
Class or Package
Sparse matrix Dragon.matrix V1.1
Power method Dragon.matrix.vector.PowerMethod V1.1
HITS algorithm Dragon.matrix.vector.HITS V1.1
Singular value decomposition Dragon.matrix.factorize.SVD V1.1
Non-negative matrix factorization Dragon.matrix.factorize.NMF V1.1
Conditional Random Field V1.1
TREC collection reader and parsers Dragon.onlinedb.trec V1.1
PubMed query Dragon.onlinedb.pubmed V1.1
Amazon customer reviewer query V1.1
CiteULike query dragon.onlinedb.citeulike V1.3.1
Google Search Engine dragon.onlinedb.searchengine.GoogleEngine V1.3.2
ISI article parser dragon.onlinedb.isi.ISIArticleParser V1.1
20 Newsgroup article V1.1
Reuters article parser V1.1
Simple collection reader dragon.onlinedb.SimpleCollectionReader V1.1
Simple article parser Dragon.onlinedb.SimpleArticleParser V1.1
Basic collection reader Dragon.onlinedb.BasicCollectionReader V1.1
Basic article parser Dragon.onlinedb.BasicArticleParser V1.1
Annie named entity recognizer Dragon.nlp.tool.Annie V1.1
English lemmatiser Dragon.nlp.tool.lemmaister.EngLemmatiser V1.1
WordNet Dragon.nlp.tool.WordNetDidion V1.1
Porter stemmer Dragon.nlp.tool.PorterStemmer V1.1
Hepple tagger Dragon.nlp.tool.HeppleTagger V1.1
Medpost tagger Dragon.nlp.tool.MedPostTagger V1.1
Brill Tagger Dragon.nlp.tool.BrillTagger V1.3.2
Xtract (phrase extractor) Dragon.nlp.tool.xtract V1.1
Phrase extraction program Dragon.config.PhraseExtractAppConfig V1.1
UMLS ontology Dragon.nlp.ontology.umls V1.1
MeSH ontology Dragon.nlp.ontology.mesh V1.1
Token extractor Dragon.nlp.extract.BasicTokenExtractor V1.1
Phrase extractor Dragon.nlp.extrctor.BasicPhraseExtractor V1.1
Ontological term extractor Dragon.nlp.extractor.BasicTermExtractor V1.1
Concept pair extractor Dragon.nlp.extractor.BasicTripleExtractor V1.1
Naive Bayesian classifier V1.1
NB with semantic smoothing V1.2
Nigam active learning classifier V1.3
SVM-light 6.01 classifier V1.3
LibSVM classifier V1.3
Doc Frequency feature selector V1.2
Chi Square feature selector V1.2
Mutual info. feature selector V1.2
Info. Gain feature selector V1.2
Loss-based multi-class decoder V1.3
One-versus-all code matrix V1.3
Pairwise code matrix V1.3
Classification evaluation API V1.2
Classification evaluation program Dragon.config.ClassificationEvaAppConfig V1.2
Hierarchical clustering V1.1
K-Means V1.1
Link-based K-Means V1.3
Cosine distance V1.1
Euclidean distance V1.1
KL-divergence distance V1.1
Cosine cluster model V1.1
Euclidean cluster model V1.1
Multinomial cluster model V1.1
Clustering evaluation API V1.1
Clustering evaluation program Dragon.config.ClusteringEvaAppConfig V1.1
Aspect model V1.1
LDA model V1.1
Simple mixture model V1.1
Topic model writer V1.1
LexRank summarizer V1.2
Text Summarization Evaluation Dragon.config.SummarizationEvaAppConfig V1.1
Two-stage smoothing V1.1
TF-IDF retrieval model V1.1
Okapi retrieval model V1.1
Pivoted norm model V1.1
JM smoothing V1.1
Absolute discount smoothing V1.1
Dirichlet smoothing V1.1
Translation-based smoother V1.1
Model-based feedback V1.1
Minimum divergence feedback V1.1
Information-flow feedback V1.1
Relation-based feedback V1.1
Phrase-based feedback V1.1
Rocchio feedback V1.1
Basic Query generator V1.1
Phrase-based Query Expansion V1.2
Query generating program Dragon.config.QueryAppConfig V1.1
TREC evaluation API V1.1
IR evaluation program Dragon.config.RetrievalEvaAppConfig V1.1
Basic Indexer V1.1
Basic sentence indexer V1.1
Basic sequence indexer V1.1
Indexing program Dragon.config.IndexAppConfig V1.1
Basic index reader V1.1
Online index reader V1.1
Basic sentence index reader V1.1
Online sentence index reader V1.1
Basic sequence index reader V1.1
Online sequence index reader V1.1
Translation program Dragon.config.TranslationAppConfig V1.1
Cooccurrence program Dragon.config.CooccurrenceAppConfig V1.1