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AskDragon: Web-based Factoid Question Answering

Attenion: The current version can answer entity, number and abbreviation-related factoid questions ( not support description or definition questions yet). We developed a novel scoring algorithm which took into account the context of the candidate answers and significantly improved the accuracy. In general, the question beginning with a question word(e.g., how, when, who, where, what and which) brings higher accuracy, but not required.

Example Questions:
Who founded Google?
Who won Nobel Physics Prize in 2007?
Who is Brad Pitt's ex-wife?
Where is the highest point on earth?
Where will be the 2008 Summer Olympic Game?
What is Bill Gates' email?
What is the King of Fruit?
What is the code of Google at NASDAQ?
What does NASDAQ stand for?
What is the phone number of ischool at Drexel University?
What is the price of Apple iPhone?
When was the car accident of Diana?
When did Microsoft first release Windows XP Operating System?
How tall is Yao Ming?
How many electoral college votes in California?